why do you own geckos

Reptiles are not thought of as traditional pets.  No one I know owns a reptile.  Granted, I am an introvert and know no people, but still.

I have two adorable scale-babies, Patrick and Danny.  I have no idea if these geckos are boys, as they are too young to sex.  However, I have faith that they are boys and will continue to do so until one of them lays eggs.  Patrick is a leopard gecko and Danny is a crested gecko.  These two species are actually quite different from each other.  Leos are arid and originated in the stone deserts of Asia.  So, I keep Patrick on tile with a fairly high temperature.  Danny is semi-tropical and semi-arboreal.  Basically, this means he likes it wet, moderately warm, and full of things to climb.  He has sticky toes (how cute is that).  Currently, Danny is the size of my thumb and Patrick fits comfortably in my hand.  Both species are prone to tail drops, but cresteds never grow theirs back, leading to the dreaded "frog butt."  Honestly, if Danny were to drop his tail I feel like he would have already, so I am not overly concerned.  Patrick would regrow his if he dropped it, but it would be a much shorter version of his once glorious appendage. 

Patrick eats live mealworms, which are fairly cheap.  Danny eats powdered food, and a package of that lasts me three months.  So, very easy to feed. 

After I got Patrick and Danny, I desperately wanted a ball python.  For those unfamiliar with snakes, these are small, docile pythons who are not venomous and are hardly capable of biting a human hard enough to draw blood.  They grow to about 3-4 feet in length and need an enclosure not much larger than Patrick's.  However, where to put said enclosure?  I decided that unless I started stacking cages, I would not have room to walk about.  So, Ball Python will have to wait until I have different living arrangements.  

I am extremely introverted, and I do not do well with pets who need constant attention.  I also do not do well with most pet odors, so I had resigned myself to never having pets.  When I started researching reptiles, I found that most of them are nocturnal, do not need to be handled every day, do not have an odor, and need minimal space.  That is when I fell in love with geckos.  They seem to be the puppies of the reptile world, and are oh so adorable.  I love caring for them, and I like knowing that if I leave them for the weekend, they will be okay.  Dogs...not so much...


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