why i started blogging

Why do most people start blogging?

They think they have something valuable to share with the world. 

I just think I know a few cool things and maybe someone out there wants to know them too.

I called this blog anything + everything because I am just going to post on anything I am interested in or learning about.  This will range from reptile care to cooking to makeup to exercise.  Life is so well rounded, why not make a blog to showcase that? 

I love writing; I always have.  There is something about reading and writing that can just flow through you, allowing you to understand things about yourself that you didn't see before.  To be thoroughly honest, this blog is just as much for me as for any people who visit here. 

A few months after my ugly and untimely divorce, I started thinking about creating a blog.  It would be good for me to sort through my thoughts and maybe someone else would benefit.  As I recovered more and more from the emotionally destructive experience, the desire to create a blog remained, and I let it sit there for a while.  Putting your thoughts out on the internet is certainly not safe; I wanted to be sure I knew what I was getting myself into.  Low and behold, here I am.  This is not going to be a fancy blog and I do not travel a whole lot.  But, I know a few things that I am continuously finding many people my age are ignorant of.  That is not necessarily wrong, but why not offer knowledge when you have it?  It's like sharing recipes.  Give someone else the opportunity to create the delicious dish you did, and their life is enriched.

So enjoy, this will be an interesting journey.



Chloe Brown