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Blog to Blog with Hayley Jane M

Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog

I first started blogging when I found myself out of work at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time it was something to keep my mind active and it allowed me to research further into a topic that greatly interested me. It is now a great passion of mine and I hope to educate people about the benefits of sustainable fashion in a fun and engaging way.

How did you first get into blogging/what inspired you to do so?

Blogging was something that always interested me, and I had wanted to get into it for a while. However, I felt nervous to do so as I was worried about judgement from others and I was not ready for criticism. Then, as I previously mentioned, I ended up with a lot of spare time, so I just decided to go for it! I did some research about which platform would be the best for what I wanted to do, how to engage an audience and then I just went for it. I am so glad I did as it is something I enjoy very much!

How would you describe your personal style? Who are some of your inspirations?

My personal style is very eclectic, it really depends on how I am feeling each day. One day I might wear a dress and sandals and the next I will be in a hoodie and cycling shorts, whatever I feel the most comfortable in. There is really nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable with what you are wearing, I think it is really restricting.

I take a lot of inspiration from Instagram accounts such as: @amaka.hamelijnk, @fashiontrain, @lauraslittlelocket, @hellooctober and @evagoesthrifting. I will say however, some of these accounts are not focused on sustainable fashion. What I do is take inspiration and try to find something similar from a slow fashion brand or second hand.

So your blog is focused on sustainable fashion, could you explain what this is to the readers?

Sustainable fashion is a blanket term to describe fashion with little to no impact on the planet. We have seen a massive increase in demand for clothing which has subsequently led to the domination of fast fashion brands. I will spare the details for now, but these brands are having a detrimental impact on our planet and the lives of the garment workers that make their clothing. My next blog post will be about the Pay-Up campaign and how you can help, so stay tuned for that. If you are looking for a way to start your sustainable fashion journey, Fashion Revolution is a fantastic resource to start with.

I see you did a post on a capsule wardrobe, have you found this easy to commit to? Would you recommend this to others?

I will be honest and admit that I found it difficult! I eventually want to have a capsule wardrobe that will stay the same all year round, however, I do not currently own pieces versatile enough to do this. My plan is to slowly accumulate garments that fit with my capsule wardrobe aesthetic and, in the meantime, get the wear out of clothing that I already own. This question has given me a fabulous idea for a blog post!

Explain to us your writing process

Once I have an idea in mind, I begin by doing some research. I usually open a new word document and aim to fill at least one page with the varied research that I have found. I then write a draft post, I find it easiest to just write whatever comes into my head, even if that means the post is initially quite long. The next step probably takes me the longest, and that is refining my writing, ensuring that it is coherent and that I have included all the information I need. Once I am happy with the post, I will take any photos necessary and post it!

Your research is very thorough, specifically on your sustainable fashion posts - how do you go about it?

I spend a lot of time on my research because it is particularly important to me that facts and figures are readily available to the readers. I start on Instagram, I follow some incredibly informative accounts such as @carmitive and @slowfashioncurator, and I save posts that I want to refer to later.

I also have several different reliable resources that I check frequently to see if they have any information that may aid my writing process, this includes: Good On You, Fashion Revolution and Remake Our World. After this I just Google my topic and see if any interesting sources/websites come up.

That is the beauty of blogging, I am always learning new things through my research.

What advice would you give those thinking of going into blogging?

Once you have a niche and an aesthetic in mind then just go for it! The more you overthink it the less likely you are to start. It really does not matter what your blog looks like to begin with, you refine it as you go, and you start to develop a writing style that works for you.

What do you hope people take away when visiting your site?

My main goal is for people to start thinking about the impact they personally have on our planet and how their shopping habits weigh into that. That is why it is so important to me that I provide accurate information, so people can work from it. Even if one person makes a change in their lives after reading my blog then, in my eyes, it is another person doing their part for the planet.

Do you have any goals for you site for the rest of this year?

I would love to collaborate more with other bloggers and grow my audience!

What have been your biggest challenges with your blog, have there been any hiccups you didn’t anticipate?

I took about a month off blogging because I became uninspired and I did not want to post anything that felt forced or ingenuine. This was quite a challenge because I was worried that I would lose the following that I had spent months building up and gaining the interest of. But taking the time away has allowed me to get my mojo back, so to speak, and I have lots of new ideas that I am excited to turn into blog posts!

I absolutely love your instagram aesthetic - who takes most of your photos?

Thank you very much! I take the majority of the photos myself and the rest are taken, quite reluctantly, by my boyfriend. It makes me laugh writing this because I pile pillows on my bed and use that as a phone stand! I find that I get the best results if I take a video of my outfit and chose the best screenshots from it. Soon I am hoping to get a tripod for my phone, but my current method seems to be working for now.

Lastly, what would you say are your fashion do's and don'ts?

DO your research, find out as much as you can and then make changes in your life that benefit yourself and the environment. Stay educated, is what I would say overall. On the flip side DON’T ignore the problems we are facing, even if you choose to ignore them, they still exist! Lets all do our part and, to end this with an overly cheesy sentiment, the world will be a better place for us all.

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Also check out her instagram.

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