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Cheap Vegan Fast Food Joints (London)

I thought it was time to mix things up with this blog a little.

Over the past year I've been dedicated to living a pescatarian lifestyle, mainly because I never really went of out my way to buy meat so it just made sense to be a natural progression.

From this, most days I've been eating vegan, so I thought it would be great to share some amazing vegan fast food places I've discovered and absolutely stuffed my face with.

(This is in no particular order)


I actually found out about this company through work as they've published a cookbook. This restaurant isn't vegan only but the vegan food they do do, is amazing.

If you fancy big sloppy burgers to fix your hangover blues, this is the place for you - with a deal of a burger, side and drink for only £12.50, what more could you ask for?!

I haven't had a bad meal from there so far, so if you find yourself able to order from them, do it.

Downside? i just wish they had more vegan options, since the vegan food they do is so good! Twisted if you see this, please expand!!!

(Online only - Central, East and North London)


An accidental and recent discovery, after a day of drinking at my local pub and due to the kitchen being closed since Covid hit, you’re allowed to order your own food to the pub. The first vegan place that popped up on my deliveroo was Oowee.

First arriving to London in May of this year, they’ve already made a name for themselves in the North London scene. Starting with my first order of The Big VG and Garlic Fries (which could definitely serve a family) I was in love.

Downside? I'm not too sure of the Cluckin Fries, can't tell if it's because I was awfully hungover from the night before but they just seemed super tough and hard to eat. I think I need to try them again.

But for some really good fake beef and chicken burgers, this is a good find!

(In store and online - Dalston in London only, but also available in Bristol)


An entirely plant-based restaurant, discovered by my friend Rachel when planning dinner before a Halsey concert. We finally had a chance to try this a couple weeks ago after driving around London for hours, and boy did that dinner fill the itch.

The deal we ordered was the Burger Bundle for Two, Two Burgers, Two Fries, Two Drinks and a Cookie - only £28! The burgers were definitely enjoyable,

Downside? I just wish they had some more options burgers wise, but I think this may be because they're US based so haven't brought as many treats over just yet. I think next time we'll try and sit in at their official restaurant and try some more things. But unlike most vegan fast food places I've tried, they had options other than burgers, such as salads and pasta dishes.

By CHLOE are also running a bottomless brunch from Saturday September 12th, every Saturday and Sunday through September, bottomless Fountain hard seltzer's are available in 3 lovely flavours: blueberry, passionfruit and lime for 1.5 hours. If you find yourselves in London and have £30 to spare (food included) try it out and let me know what you think!

For some vegan fast food that leans more to healthier than most others - give this a try!

(In store and online - (West and South London, delivery in Islington, Crouch End and Wandswotrh)


I actually found out about HaloBurger on Instagram through an ad, and what a find. A quote from Time Out Magazine was "Vegan junk food at its junkiest" and I may be inclined to agree. If Five Guys and Maccies had a lovechild, Halo Burger would be it.

With Pink Salt Fries and the beefiest not beef burger I've ever had, if I had to rate them out of 5 they'd be getting a solid 4.5.

Downside? Wasn't really a massive fan of the chicken nuggets, although this may be from the bias I've obtained from loving the Quorn ones so much. I'm not sure what seasoning they put on the nugs, but they just gave them an off taste in my opinion.

If you're an ex meat eater missing your hungover maccies, I could not recommend this place enough!

And if it couldn't get any better, Halo Burger are giving out 100 of their limited edition triple cheese burger, to match McDonald's latest release. The Maccies version costs £2.39, HaloBurger will be donating £2.39 for every burger given day to Hackney Food Bank. This is only happening on Tuesday 8th at the Shoreditch branch, 12pm. If you find yourself in the area try and bag yourself a burger for a great cause!

(In store and online - Shoreditch and Brixton only)


Everyone knows, I love jackfruit patties. Honestly I feel like they're one of the greatest vegan inventions, and Biffs are the rulers of the jackfruit patty. Fully loaded and topped with a sweet brioche bun, they're great for a massive lunch.

Partnered with Brewdog they've created the first ever fully vegan Brewdog, right in the heart of Dalston! Meaning the beers, spirits and soft drinks are all vegan, which honestly is an amazing accomplishment.

Downside? I'd say the chips weren't the best I had, unfortunately they were kind of stale and just about warm but this could easily have been one bad batch. I think I need to experience Biff's again, since it has been a good couple months so for now I'll say I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

But, for the joys of the pub in a vegan environment, definitely give them a try!

(In store and online - available for delivery throughout London, also available in Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Norwich and Reading)

I'm extremely lucky to live in London where the vegan scene is booming, and now that lockdown has eased I have the opportunity to eat in at new places. This means that I can broaden my horizons even further and share more places with all of you!

I hope this new post has been enjoyable, let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this!

*I do not own these photos and no copyright infringement was intended*

*Everything stated above is a personal opinion on what I've tried.*

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