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Chocolate Coloured Sweetheart (Trailer Review)

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Official film poster

'Chocolate Coloured Sweetheart' is a film created by up and coming filmmaker Stacey Darkwaah Duah. It focuses on a young girl, Ayanda, and her experiences with colourism, which is the discrimination against individuals who are of darker skin tones (typically among people of the same ethnic group).

Stacey Darkwaah Duah

Written, directed and produced by Stacey Darkwaah Duah, born the 5th of April 1997, 'Chocolate Coloured Sweetheart' marks her directorial debut. The concept for the film came to her after a conversation with her sister, who shared her own personal experiences of colourism. 'At first I found it quite difficult to relate to what my sister was saying seeing as, although I'm not light-skinned myself, my younger sister is a lot darker than I am... which meant that I didn't understand or relate to a lot of what she'd been through and was saying', she explains.

Through this it is evident that Duah wanted to explore a deeper understanding of the misfortunes her sister had experienced. The film is set to explore themes such as the importance of self-love, family and a deeper understanding of our own identity.

Watch the trailer below now.

Starring, Cherie Duah, Toni Madja, Nia Deacon and Zipporah Frempomaa George. I for one, am excited to see where this 22 minute film will take us, it's sure to be an emotional journey for all.

In the meantime, check out her other projects, 'I Trust You' (2014) and 'Forget Me Not' (2017) which was privately screened at the British Film Institute in June of that year.

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