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Honey, I Think I've Forgotten (Film Review)

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

'Honey, I Think I've Forgotten' official poster

'Honey, I Think I've Forgotten' (HITIF) is the new award-winning short film from British-Ghanaian filmaker, Stacey Darkwaah Duah. The story centres around Mike, who realises he has forgotten the reason behind the 'X' marked in his calendar.

Stacey Darkwaah Duah

Vastly different from her previous successful film, 'Chocolate Coloured Sweetheart', Duah has branched into a more comedic field. Citing her inspiration as Friends and other American sitcoms, you can see this reflected in her work.

Chris J. Gordon as Mike

I genuinely found myself laughing out loud when watching this, and Chris J. Gordon's performance really shone through. The small actions of him gazing into the distance, even him fidgeting while on the phone to Lo (Logan, his best friend who also supplied some comedic relief) added much more depth to his character, for a moment you forget that you are watching a film production and are not just a fly on the wall.

What was nice about HITIF was how utterly relatable it was, you have been a Mike or know a Mike! It was a nice homage to the genre without the usual cliches, it left me wanting more while also being immensely satisfied.

Sanchez Roberts as Logan

It was refreshing to watch a sitcom style short film with an all black cast and I think it was a very bold move on Duah's part, which completely paid off. She states on this 'I wanted it to have a mainstream feel whilst giving a platform to the underrepresented but equally talented: the Black British creative'. I hope other creatives take note from this, as representation for the black community is more important now than ever.

Chris J. Gordon and Nia Deacon as Mike and Sabrina

'Honey, I Think I've Forgotten' is a quintessentially British take on what is a usual US dominant field, this film is a great insight into the talent of Duah and proof that she is not limited to just one genre. I for one, am excited to see what she will come out with next.


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MAIN PRODUCTION CREDITS: Written / Directed and Produced by: Stacey Darkwaah Duah Director of Photography: Haider Romero Perez 1st Assistant Director: Tia Phillips Production / Set / Props Designer: Conor Powell Production Assistant: Andrea Nzeza-Nzongo Sound Operator: Ajiri Owuasu Film Score by: Peter Flint

TALENT: Chris J. Gordon – as “Mike” Nia Deacon – as “Sabrina” Sanchez Roberts – as “Logan” Gabin Kongolo – as “Blu Browne / News Reporter”

Michael Adewale – as “Trevor”

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