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My Job: Explained (Customer Service Agent)

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Name: Wendy Berry

Age: 23

Job Title: Customer Service Agent

Describe your role:

My main role is providing advice, information and guidance to customers who have purchased a holiday through our company. This is done over the phone, via a messaging system or over social media. 

I also complete amendments to people’s bookings. This can vary from adding an in-flight extras (bags, seats etc.) or changing a hotel, to removing passengers from bookings or cancelling them completely due to unforeseen circumstances. 

How long have you worked in the industry?

Almost 2 years (how time flies)

How did you get into this role/industry?

I was recommended by a friend who already worked there, as I was looking for a job after completing my undergraduate degree. 

What's the best part of your job?

The sense of satisfaction when a customer is happy with the advice I’ve given or if you’ve solved their query. The feeling of accomplishment when I’ve processed a certain amount of amendments or cleared a load of messages from the system or social channels makes it worth it.

Also working with my friends and in a close-knit team!

What's the hardest part of your job?

Dealing with dissatisfied customers who can become angry and/or rude. 

Particularly at the moment, because airlines are cancelling flights due to the government advice surrounding Covid-19, customers are chasing refunds which can be draining to reply to as it becomes repetitive and the comments can be negative. 

What skills would you say are necessary for this role?

Patience (a lot of it), confidence and customer service/people skills. The role requires you to speak to and assist people from all walks of life so being patient when listening, confident when talking and maintaining a friendly attitude is a must. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of entering this industry?

Don’t be daunted by it. Customers can be tricky but as long as you provide the best service you can, you’re doing your job right. Also take in everything you can about the travel industry as you will learn valuable lessons to apply to your own holidays! 

What surprised you most when taking on this role?

The level of responsibility. Handling large amounts of money and personal documents from customers such as passports or death and marriage certificates. 

Are there any things that you didn't expect to be doing that has been asked of you?

Similar to the above when handling personal documents such a death or marriage certificates which actually act as proof when amending a customers booking. However, I do like the level of responsibility as I find it more rewarding!

If you weren't in this job, what else would you want to be doing?

As I’m currently studying for a masters degree in PR, hopefully working in house for a large firm as part of their PR/communications team. 

The My Job series was created to help those unsure on the industry they want to go in, so this is an insight on the day to day life of different people in different industries. If you would like more details on working in this industry please drop me a message and I'll direct you to the interviewee! If you would like to get involved, please let me know.

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